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Introduction to DMI


DMI provides meteorological services in the Commonwealth of the Realm of Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and surrounding waters and airspace.

Meteorological services include forecasting and warnings and monitoring of weather, climate and related environmental conditions in the atmosphere, on land and at sea.

Purpose of all activities is to safeguard human life and property. DMI’s many activities also act as background knowledge in terms of planning and decision-making in economic and environment sectors - especially within transport and industry businesses.

DMI collects and processes meteorological, climatological and oceanographic measurements/observations, and measures, collects and compiles related geophysical parameters throughout the Realm.

Conducting research and development within its area of ​​expertise, DMI ensures efficient operations and state-of-the-art quality in all productions while monitoring and conducting research on global warming and the stratospheric ozone balance.

Severe thunderstorm over St.Thorlund at late afternoon in October. Photo Søren Jensen.
One of DMI's many responsibilities is to issue warnings on slippery roads - both for public road authorities and actual road-users. Photo Niels Hansen.


Emergency preparedness and response

In addition to weather forecasts, DMI is also responsible of issuing warnings in occurrence of gales, storms or hurricanes. DMI manages emergency warnings in case of, e.g. flooding or radioactive substances and airborne biological or chemical substances.

The institute is part of the national emergency response team in occurrence of natural disasters, flooding or nuclear emergencies.

DMI also cooperates with other environmentally oriented authorities and companies as regards to pollution of oceans and atmosphere.

Sea ice monitoring in Greenland

DMI's ice monitoring station in Narsarsuaq ensures navigation in Greenland waters.

The station distributes sea ice maps for planning and navigation in icy waters. Ice maps are produced at DMI/Lyngbyvej in Denmark in cooperation with the ice monitoring station in Greenland based on satellite information and observations collected locally and by helicopter.

DMI keeps civil air transport updated on weather information and forecasts. Photo Bjarne Sørensen.

Air transport

As part of civil air navigation services and to ensure aviation safety, regularity and efficiency, DMI manages meteorological services of civil air transport in the Realm of Denmark.

These services are, among other things, based on standards and regulations of the United Nations Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, and include preparation and communication of aviation operational weather forecasts and warnings. Services also include operational meteorological briefing of pilots and weather observation at certain airports.


For planning and conducting military operations, DMI provides the Danish Armed Forces with meteorological data.

Undertaking meteorological services for the Danish Armed Forces, DMI has established, e.g. aeronautical meteorological services at certain military posts.


DMI participates in a large number of research and development projects, which are highly interdisciplinary and linked with many other institutions nationally and internationally. Research projects, publications and the researchers at DMI are presented on


One of DMI's main mission is to develop climate projections into the 21st century. All operations are carried out as integrated work of DMI's activities in general and include climate models, calculations of seasonal forecasts and global and regional climate scenarios for impact studies, as well as research on climate impacts of the stratospheric ozone layer.

DMI monitors and predicts metrological trends in the ever-changing climate of Denmark. Photo Claus Kern-Hansen.

Commercial activities

DMI's commercial activities include consulting services to, e.g. individuals, private companies and public authorities.

The range of products and services is quite broad. Cooperation with DMI's experts on weather, climate and sea is often an advantage to companies, institutions, media, and others who would like in-depth knowledge on forecasts and warnings.

DMI's commercial activities provide observations, forecasts and numerical forecast data for weather, ocean and climate in any electronic form – data that without further quality assurance or processing can be included in the end user’s own processes.

We monitor winter weather for the Danish Road Directorate, municipalities and DSB, and provide route guidance to hundreds of ships all over the world. We provide decision support systems for agriculture and construction industries and assist engineering companies and corporate entrepreneurs with climate adaption of projects.

Edited by Niels Hansen, translated by Marianne Brandt,
DMI, 27 November 2007